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When you're getting a tattoo there is a certain amount of trust you give your artist. At Mystic Tat2 we hold a high reputation in ensuring you get the best service and talent so you can rest assured you have an excellent experience.

About Us

From Traditional to Realism, our tattoo ability knows no bounds.

Mystic Tat2 was started with a raw passion for all types of art that we wanted to share with the public by incorporating our talent to create custom tattoo pieces for each individual. Since the beginning days over ten years ago, we have always hired the best Cedar Rapids tattoo talent, and it’s paid off--we're now the premier studio in town.

By never accepting less than superior quality or overcharging, we've established a reputation for incredible art at prices affordable to those who values tattoos as much as we do. Together we have built a family of tattoo lovers who show their support by coming back to Mystic Tat2 time and time again.

Call 319-981-8184 to discover more about Mystic Tat2 and talk to an artist about scheduling an appointment in our Cedar Rapids Studio.

Our Work

Meet Our Artists

The Right Artist=The Right Tattoo

Our professional team of artists understands the various tattoo tastes and styles that reflect your specific desires. We work with you to create the perfect piece and refuse to stop until you're happy with the outcome! Check out our team of tattoo artists below:

Favoring large black and grey tattoos, David is the man who can work with any specialty from traditional to realism and portraits, and exceed all your expectations. He’s been showing his unique art in the tattoo industry for over 15 years and is the owner of Mystic Tat2. By using his own drawing expertise and perfectionist nature, David makes sure your particular tattoo will fit your body and style to provide a one-of-a kind piece of art. His attention to detail and strong line work are the basic building blocks that makes Mystic Tat2 so special. Growing up in Iowa, David absorbed and educated himself in many forms for art before delving into the tattoo world. As soon as you step into the shop you can see his incredible works of art along the walls and meet his laid back, calm nature. Here full time at Mystic Tat2, David is excited to bring his best savvy skill to every tattoo.

Always up for a challenge, Elizabeth’s passion for art fuels her tattoos and it shows--her signature style is black and grey with a shading technique that is different than anything you’ll see around town. She loves doing different styles and is willing to create uniquely hand drawn designs, that grab your attention. Since she joined, apprenticed and began tattooing at Mystic Tat2 in 2015 she has been willing to try new ideas and constantly works to exemplify a tattoo that is specialized toward the client with fine line work and attention to detail.. Elizabeth is also our full time piercer who works with all disposable and sterilized materials along with surgical steel to give you a clean and safe piercing experience.

Living the majority of her life in Iowa, Elizabeth grew up with art and continued through high school and college. Graduated from Kirkwood Community College with an Associates degree in Liberal Arts, she currently works towards a Bachelors in Art History through the Academy of Art University where new techniques, challenges and ideas constantly flow. Here full time at Mystic Tat2, Elizabeth brings a comforting and competent skill to every tattoo.

As a mother to two gorgeous children, Lynda is our part time artist at Mystic Tat2. Specializing in small black or color tattoos, she puts in the time and attention that each person deserves. By listening to what you’re looking for and applying her critical thinking and creative skills, Lynda is able to give you a memorable tattoo experience. She started apprenticing at Mystic Tat2 when it opened in 2009 and has continued her love for tattoos and body art ever since. Her primary goal is to give you the best service around town to make sure you’re happy with what you recieve. Lynda’s sensible and honest attitude helps gives our shop our reputability and familial tie.

Growing up in Iowa, Lynda is older sister to David and followed to support his dream of opening a tattoo studio. She is willing and ready to share her ideas with the world by putting her best into every tattoo and working with you to create a unique piece for your body.

With a diverse range in artwork, Elly is up for many different styles of tattooing from color to black, grey, and watercolor, with floral designs being her favorite. She is passionate about her artwork and will put in the time and effort to ensure you get a unique and cohesive design. Her digital and hand drawn art is what she thrives on. Having finished her apprenticeship, Elly is a full-time artist at Mystic Tat2. If you’re looking for delicate and feminine, she is your girl! Follow her on Instagram for more of her body art.

Growing up in Iowa, Elly always pursued art and is excited to be working as a tattoo artist.
She is open to ideas and new clients.

Newest to our team, Tristan brings a strong and bold art style to Mystic Tat2. With a strong portfolio, he excels at black and statuesque tattoos. Doing art all his life, he has decided to put his talent to use and become a tattoo artist. Tristan thrives on perfection and will ensure your design and tattoo is unique! His dark style is solid and saturated, but he can also be versatile with other styles to be as well rounded as possible. Preferring digital art, Tristan can do some epic designs with the use of real-life references to further his abilities in realism. Check out his Facebook and Instagram for more of his work.

Growing up in California and recently moving to Iowa, Tristan and his family are enjoying the different atmosphere that the Midwest allows and looks forward to continuing his career as an artist here.


Your tattoo questions answered by Mystic Tat2

We get a lot of phone calls and messages about general tattoo and piercing inquiries, so feel free to contact us at 319-981-8184 with any questions. Here’s a few that we hear the most:

Tattoo care

Every person is different, but typically it takes 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to fully heal. A tattoo should heal similar to a sunburn. During this time gently wash your tattoo with antibacterial unscented soap and apply an unscented lotion no more than twice a day to keep the skin soft. Do not wrap or cover during the day to allow the tattoo to breathe. Some itching is normal and will occur about a week into the healing process. Do not scratch and do not apply heavy ointment to the area. Our Mystic Tat2 policy is to offer one free touch up within the first two years of your tattoo to keep it at its best for as long as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your artist or stop into the shop.

Piercing care

At Mystic Tat2 we offer the majority of all piercings, please call for any specific questions about which piercings we offer and their costs. Our piercings start at $25 and range depending on the piercing itself. Jewelry is included in the cost. We do not pierce children under 14 years of age and until you’re 18 you need parental consent: the parent/guardian present with an ID. Aftercare and the length of time a piercing can heal varies per piercing so consult directly with the piercer to see what you’re looking at and what you can do to keep it clean and comfortable. The best thing you can do for your piercing is to not touch it or mess with it. Keep your hands clean if you do and wash the area frequently if it is in constant contact with another object. Wash using an antibacterial unscented soap and a saline solution or ¼ tsp sea salt and 1 cup warm water mixture. Patience is the key to any piercing. Please call, message or stop in with any questions or concerns.

Tattoo Costs and Consultation

Stop on into our Cedar Rapids shop or message us at to consult with an artist in order to come up with the best design and idea for your tattoo and find your best artist. Don’t be shy about sharing any concerns or questions you might have toward your tattoo. After your set up an appointment and a $20 deposit that comes off the tattoo price, we can start the drawing process and get your design ready for your appointment. Our shop minimum is $50 and each artist is $100 per hour. We judge most pieces you want to get by their size, placement, complexity with lines and detail as well as if there is color or black and grey shading. Please stop in or contact the store via phone (319-981-8184)/Facebook message to talk to an artist about pricing and scheduling.

Getting ready for your appointment is as easy as eating a healthy meal prior to your appointment and following simple hygiene routines. Please abstain from moisturizing the area you will be getting tattooed so you don’t block up your pores and block ink out. Wear appropriate clothing for your tattoo (ex. If you get a back or rib tattoo wear something that will be accessible to that area like a tank top or loose T-shirt). Bring a bottle of water and some entertainment with you in case you want something to do and don’t be afraid to bring a friend! Please do not indulge in alcohol or substances prior to your tattoo as it can be harmful. For any additional questions feel free to ask your artist.

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